The Trick Or
Treat Gang™ Trick or Treating on Behalf of Hungry Kids

Halloween is a great celebration. Kids get to masquerade as their favorite fictional characters, stay up late, and eat copious amounts of candy. It's not bad for the adults, either: no frantic gift shopping, no family dinners to plan, and we get more than enough processed sugar ourselves.

But here is the scary truth: Americans handout billions of dollars in candy to any neighborhood kids who happen to knock on our doors each Halloween. Yet, without going into guilt-inducing statistics, there is a certain amount of irony that just beyond most of our neighborhoods, millions of children do not have enough food to meet their daily nutritional needs.

Helping Is Easy

In 2004, we started with an informal donation drive among family and friends. We asked that people simply make a small cash donation equal to the amount of money they intended to spend on Halloween candy. It's just that simple.

Response was great, and 100% of all donations collected were sent to Food and Research Action Center (

If you would like to see the recent success of the Trick or Treat Gang fund, please visit our Success page.

Please Join Us

This year we will be expanding our efforts. We have created a more structured process for making donations. Please visit the Donate page for our online donation application.

If you would like to make a donation by mail, please make your check payable to:

West Advertising
1410 Park Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501

Or email us at the following address:

If you believe in our cause and our efforts, please pass this website along to friends who might also be interested in doing a small part to help kids in need. Thanks and Happy Halloween!